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Video Marketing Is a Game of Seconds

Turn your website and landing pages into a conduit for inbound marketing. By using video in marketing, your customers, prospects and visitors can engage deeper with your brand. Marketing is a game of seconds. Keeping a visitor or prospect on any web page for even a few seconds longer can radically reduce your bounce rate and boost your leads or sales. These seconds can be found with video marketing.

In the online marketing world, we live for the six or twelve inches between our web page and the viewers screen,what do they see? what message does it give? Do they want to know more?You need to plan how to grab your viewers attention one second at a time. These seconds can be secured by strong titles, excellent content and creative messaging but one marketing tool that can win you those extra seconds is “Video”.

To win with video marketing you need to plan all the components needed to engross the viewer for the seconds needed to convey a call-to-action.

Here are some video marketing tips to help you win those seconds:

Video Landing Page:

Appeal to the seconders, seconders are the viewers than skim from website to website,put your video in front of their eyeballs, use headers or messaging to get the video playing, auto-playing of the video is another second winner. If they play, they stay!!

The Page Title:

Another second winner is your page title. You need a title makes the viewers head nod and take notice; and play the video. Remember, you are competing for seconds and a well crafted title will help stick the viewer to your web page. Also keyword target your title and web page as to improve SEO and the video’s chances of being seen.

Video Branding:

Whether its your own video or using a video template (some stock animations and footage are superb) always brand your video. When creating your video make sure you have your logo on it and it is visible.In doing so, viewers of your video will connect to your company brand.

It is worth noting, that a branded video does not need be expensive, You don’t need an Oscar winning video, just one that is interesting, humorous, engaging.Video Templates or online video production houses, can easily brand a video with your logo, images, voice-over and text for a surprising small amount of money

Lure Them In:

Patience, Yes you are marketing your products or services with the help of a video, however resist the temptation of the hard sell. The viewer doesn’t want a 30 second advert on your company. To keep the seconds ticking bye you could take a humorous or educational approach to the video without once plugging your products, just keep the logo visible.

Video Theme:

A second killer is the video approach of the “Spokes Person” e.g. a cheesy person talking about why a product is so cool. Such videos are second killers, why not look at a video with a behind the scenes look at office and employees,or real customer interviews or even some animation that makes the viewer laugh.

Head Nods:

An engaging video supported by quality content leads to heads nods. Head nods takes time, keeping the viewer on your web page.Creating a video to win those vital seconds does not have to be a big budget challenge. A video template that brings together motion graphics, text and sound can be produced online inexpensively. Whatever source you decide to create your video, you need to plan your video, think about the theme and what type of video will keep your viewers on your web page for that extra 10,15, or 30 seconds.

Dark Art:

A common myth about video marketing is that it’s a dark art that can only be done by web designers, video producers or SEO gurus. Nothing could be further from the truth. Marketing using video is something that you can do yourself with a landing page, a video template and a good story line. Now you can avail of video marketing software and landing page templates on the web, a little effort (and seconds) searching will reap big rewards.

Marketing really is a game of seconds, and video is proving to be the game changer that keeps views on a web page for longer. See for yourself next time you find yourself watching a video online!!